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Hollow Knight Progress Log (ongoing)

i've always loved storytelling of all kinds, video games, comics, tv shows, you name it. its a love that has followed me throughout my entire life and something i still keep today. here will mostly be casual discussion and sharing of some fictional content i've happened to come across. maybe we will find a common interest!

Currently Consuming:

  • One Piece (anime)
  • Hollow Knight (game)
  • The Drifting Classroom (manga)
  • Cardcaptor Sakura (anime)
  • The Grey Garden (game)
  • Wolf Game (game)
  • Toraware No Yakata (game)
  • YuGiOh! (anime)
  • Bob's Burgers (cartoon)

  • Favorite Genres

  • Horror. My number one favorite genre in basically all mediums. Especially psychological horror.
  • Comedy. I like silly, wholesome things. i get lost in them easily.
  • Science fiction and cyberpunk. Those usually have the best art and best worldbuilding. or best worlds in general.
  • Mystery. I want to theorize about something, get it totally wrong, and then get slapped in the face with a huge plottwist!! and i wanna do it over and over again!!!!!

  • Favorite Media