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html pages dedicated to media I especially adore/adored.

all of these are designed for a 1920 by 1080 monitor but can be viewed on anything. quality will vary.

[OSH] One Piece

made 4/30/22, last updated 4/30/22

[ILOSP] Moral Orel

made 11/20/22, last updated 12/8/22

Cartoon Network


Identity V


Tagging System

[I] : Info Centric

[O] : Opinion Centric

[SH] : Short

[LO] : Long

[SP] : Includes Spoilers

Letters are a placeholder for graphics that will be added later.

Retired Shrines

i still like all of these things but the shrines themself aren't super recent and i dont plan to edit them any further besides minor changes. my current opinions may be a bit different.

[SH] Studio Wasabi

made 10/9/20, last updated 9/10/21

[O] [SH] Danganronpa

made 10/10/20, last updated 12/19/21

[O] [SH] Friday Night Funkin

made 3/2/21, last updated 10/2/21