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meel's infinite art project

welcome to my personal site! here i talk about anything and everything. i also show off things i like or create. The site might look weird on mobile or different monitor sizes, sorry for that. I try to fix it every once in a while. Anyway, enjoy my little corner of a corner of the internet.


hi i am meel :] i've been teaching myself html for two years! somehow, i still suck at it. i spend most of my time creating, whether it be art, music, or html here. i have lots and lots of interests that im very dedicated to and passionate for. i get attached to things easily, what can i say? (most things that i like can be found on the various other pages here, so go look around!)

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Moral Orel Fanpage

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Track and album reccomendations + genre ramblings.

Which of my OCs are you?

People like quizzes, right?

Update Log

12/24/22 - FINALLY the track section on the music page has been added back.

11/22/22 - I realize this place can be a bit messy and its even messier to locate updates as a viewer, so i added a little reccomendation of pages to visit for newcomers. it should be to the right of this log and it will change from time to time.

11/20/22 - Hollow knight log updated and a new shrine was added. Buckle in, its a long one.

8/20/22 - Hollow knight log updated plus some new albums added to the music page. There is also a new guardian protecting this website!

8/4/22 - i am back..! i think. i am working on making the site more easy on the eyes by changing some of the backgrounds to black or dark colors. a few pages will keep the lighter backgrounds. i may add light/dark mode for people who dont like one or the other.

7/11/22 - hollow knight log updated! i wrote a looooot in the newest entry. also i will be taking a small break so come back in a few weeks or something, maybe it'll only last a week idk lol

7/6/22 - added the CD collection. got a few more CDs to write about but i got half of em down. you can also access it through the music page!

6/18/22 - hey! ^_^ you like quizzes?

6/15/22 - added art page, only three pieces are there so far but ill add more soon.

6/6/22 - made the neocities button ads its own page so they don't annoyingly scroll across the index anymore lol

5/28/22 - ->

5/15/22 - months in the making, the visual media page is finally back up! its kind of barren right now but theres still a lot to look at! hope everyone enjoys!

4/4/22 - added a proper about page.

3/7/22 - new button

2/12/22 - i wish i had made this earlier but a page for magical girl rion, a sanrio lost media has been made. hope you like hello kitty :)

2/12/22 - page for my ocs has been made public. only two characters are there at the moment!

2/3/22 - Index page is going through a bit of a change. Not quite done yet though. The button will soon be redesigned as well.

1/2/22 - happy new year!

12/4/21 - I know i JUST finished the animation page but im revamping it so it will be down for a bit, not too long tho. please understand that im a perfectionist x(

11/24/21 - Music page is back up!

11/21/21 - Guestbook added under site navigation!

10/13/21 - I've been working on it for way too long but it's finally done, the animation lovemail page has been added! + new button! ooooo animemem

10/9/21 - Happy first anniversary of this site!

10/1/21 - Art and music page are temporarily closed for maintenance. Will be back up soon!

9/23/21 - Slight redesign of index. Still a work in progress.

8/26/21 - Added the site resources page! Check it out!

8/3/21 - Created the update log. ello!

10/9/20 - this site has been created.

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