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Still a large WIP ^_^;

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Sharing and discussion of my favorite and generally interesting pieces of fiction.

Fave page

Page for my favorite character, Teruteru Hanamura.

7/10/24 - New Magical Rion chan update! Also Added some music resources to the links page. I'll try to add more there for all ma fellow music makers :)

3/22/24 - Art Gallery and Commission info has been added. Yay!!

1/31/24 - New blog entry.

1/4/24 - New blog entry. Hollow knight log has been moved to shrine masterlist.


11/14/23 - Bookmarks page has been added.

11/4/2023 - New page layout is done! Yay!! An extended update blog has also been added.

5/20/23 - New about page is up!

4/8/23 - lol i forgot to say anything about it here but im on hiatus rn, have been since January. i will be getting back into the swing of things soon though. lots of plans and to-dos to make this place the best it can be in the moment. oh also site resources is gone cus i havent updated it in over two years.


12/24/22 - FINALLY the track section on the music page has been added back.

11/22/22 - I realize this place can be a bit messy and its even messier to locate updates as a viewer, so i added a little reccomendation of pages to visit for newcomers. it should be to the right of this log and it will change from time to time.

11/20/22 - Hollow knight log updated and a new shrine was added. Buckle in, its a long one.

8/20/22 - Hollow knight log updated plus some new albums added to the music page. There is also a new guardian protecting this website!

8/4/22 - i am back..! i think. i am working on making the site more easy on the eyes by changing some of the backgrounds to black or dark colors. a few pages will keep the lighter backgrounds.

7/11/22 - hollow knight log updated! i wrote a looooot in the newest entry.

7/6/22 - added the CD collection. you can also access it through the music page!

6/18/22 - ^_^ you like quizzes?

6/6/22 - made the neocities button ads its own page so they don't annoyingly scroll across the index anymore lol

5/28/22 - ->

5/15/22 - months in the making, the visual media page is finally back up! its kind of barren right now but theres still a lot to look at!

4/4/22 - added a proper about page.

2/12/22 - A page for magical girl rion, a sanrio lost media has been made.


11/24/21 - Music page is back up!

11/21/21 - Guestbook added under site navigation!

10/13/21 - it's finally done, the animation lovemail page has been added! + new button! ooooo animemem

10/9/21 - Happy first anniversary of this site!

10/1/21 - Art and music page are temporarily closed for maintenance.

9/23/21 - Slight redesign of index.

8/26/21 - Added the site resources page.

8/3/21 - Created the update log. ello!

10/9/20 - this site has been created.

To-Do/in depth update log here!

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Welcome to Meel's infinite art project! This is my personal website where I share my creatives and talk about anything that tickles my fancy at the moment. My little haven of my work, projects, interests, and thoughts. Updated constantly but infrequently.

Many pages contain autoplay. I try to make most of the music pretty chill and quiet-ish as to not startle but be warned, you may feel the need to skank to some sick beats once in a while.

My Stuff

About Me: About the webmaster! includes my off website links.

Site Blog: Extended commentary on site updates + To do list and small talk of general life.

Commission Sheet: Digital art commission info.

Art Gallery: My artwork.


Music I like: I listen to music because it sucks.

CD collection: For showing off my cds.


Visual Media: Almost a seperate site of its own. Everything I like and have to say regarding animation, comics, movies, and games. includes webshrines and deep dives.

Finding Rion: In depth information and documentation of the search for lost media magical girl manga, Magical Rion Chan.

Fave page: Page for everything related my favorite fictional character ever. Unearthed from the about page.

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