People like quizzes, right?

which one of my ocs are you?

Thought this would be a fun thing to make. wanna make your own quiz?

Which of these best describes yourself?
Talkative, loud, maybe a bit immature sometimes!
Blunt, observant, probably not that easy to get along with.
Shy and an introvert.
Chill and easygoing.
Happy and energetic!

Are you a boy or a girl?
Not really.
A boy.
A boy, obviously!
A girl.
The girllest girl to ever girl!

What kind of music do you like?
Whatever's on the radio is fine.
Rock, no specific kind.
Too many genres to even list!
Ambient and noise.
Hyper dance music!

How do you spend your free time?
Hanging out with my friends!
I don't have any free time.
On the internet!
Doing an activity alone like watching TV or making some form of art.

What best describes your current goals?
Trying to get better at a hobby or skill.
Trying to become famous!
Meeting more people.
Simply getting by.
Self improvement.

Which of these sounds the most appealing?
Spending time with family.
Making something with friends.
Taking a nap.
Spending the day at somewhere quiet.
Going to a party.

Which of these sounds the least appealing?
Bright lights.
Loud noises.
Confronting someone.
Dealing with small children.

Whats a positive trait (or two!) you have?
Ambitous and determined.
Good self control/management.
Responsible and reliable.
Fun to be around.
Knowledgeable and creative.

Whats a negative trait you have?
Easy to annoy/anger.
Often misunderstands/misinterprets things.
Not good at holding conversations/talking to others.
Bottles up feelings.
Rejection sensitive.