every boy has a secret..... one of them is bones!

Pizza game is a visual novil bye Plasterbrain and its very good....

Yu playe as a 20 somehing yeer old girl named kiane (pronouncd like the peppper) andyou want a boyfriend/girlfriend/friend!!!!!!!!!!! simple as that!!!!!!!!

Honestly i dont have much to say besides i love this game and you should go play it. I think the trailer speaks for itself.

Also the creator is a very talented musican and i reccomend you listen to some of her work.

officel pizza game website

Warped Lamp has her own neocities page. here it is go look at it

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"great game u will like it fi u like games"

-steam review by me

"That was wonderful! Bravo! I loved it! That was great! Well, it was pretty good. Well, it wasn't bad... There were parts of it weren't very good though. It could've been a lot better. I didn't really like it. It was pretty terrible... It was bad! It was awful! Aw, it was terrible!! Terrible! Hey! Booooo!!"

-totally real review by some commenter under a renard video