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Music is one of my main hobbies and interests. I like to make to it, learn about it, and of course listen to it. I'm a huge fan of happy hardcore, jungle/dnb, and alternative/expirimental rock. Though I do listen to other genres like rap, j-pop, whatever sounds good.

I believe music is one of the most human forms of art out there, i can't help but wonder why some genres and artists ended up how they did. (translation: I like learning about the history behind different genres and musicians.)

My favorite genres and why i like them (WARNING: INCOMPREHENSIBLE!!!!)


Im a total sucker for anything with good ol' breaks and heavy sampling, plus i grew up around reggae and other older music that dnb takes inspiration and influences from. its only natural i'd gravitate towards it at some point. even with how diverse and creative the dnb scene is, when listening to dnb track you can always tell its dnb. its the breaks and sounds used, totally. Shy FX has gotta be one of if not my favorite dnb producer.

Happy hardcore.

Regular hardcore and such is great but i really adore the bounciness and lighthearted feeling of happy hardcore over the often times more gritty, serious tone of regular hardcore. it can be repetitive at times but that just makes it even better for dancing! I don't have a favorite happy hardcore producer because i don't know any.


The lesser-known more chaotic subgenre of dnb, breakcore has one requirement and one requirement only. Chopped breaks at a high bpm, and that rule is often bent and broken sometimes too. Because of how loose breakcore is, theres limitless creativity to be had. Breakcore can be combined with rock, classical, ambient, rave, and basically any other kind of music you can think of. It can be serious, energetic, sad, humorous, whatever tone you can manage to create. Anything goes. My favorite breakcore producers are Sickboy Milkplus and Ayane Fukumi.

UK garage.

banger genre. funky beats. next.

Alternative/indie rock.

I grew up around this genre. its a hard genre to define, no two artists sound the same. and personally i find it hard to differentiate the difference between alternative and indie. These days both seem to be generally used as a umbrella term for independent rock music that differs from more 'mainstream music.' It harbors some of the most talented and creative people in music as a whole. I don't really have many favorite artists in these genres, just favorite tracks. Although I am a huge fan of Gorillaz.

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Dnb / Hardcore / Breakcore / Other


also includes: jungle, liquid funk

Photek - infinity

Genre: DnB

Marcus Intalex & St Files - 305 Genre: DnB


also includes: happy hardcore, gabber

Genre: Happy hardcore


also includes: lolicore, mashcore

Genre: Lolicore, mashcore


Genre: Chiptune

Genre: avant pop, electronic

Genre: alternative

Albums I enjoy