So many links, so little time..
Here are some places I enjoy and visit often for various reasons.

Web Weaving Resources

  • I use this site a lot for graphic making, mostly the dithermethis tool.
  • w3schools. Everyone on neocities uses this. Very good tutorials on html stuff as well as java and python.
  • Ezgif. You can make gifs, edit them, compress them, change their speed, etc etc etc. its awesome.
  • File hoster. I use this for music sometimes.
  • Neocities. The place this site and many others are hosted!
  • Gifcities. HUGE library of gifs from the old web hosted by the internet archive. Very fun to scroll through. Warning that theres a bit of uncensored nudity and offensive content. Pure, unfiltered, geocities.
  • DaFont. A site with a bunch of of fonts. You can also submit your own.
  • HTML color codes. It's in the title.

Just For Fun
  • Beepbox. Web based instrumental music maker. good for music sketches and idea brainstorming.
  • Newgrounds. I mostly come on here to look at artists and musicians I like. Surprisingly this place still has a booming community. It's lovely.
  • Everskies. Cute pixel fashion doll maker i've been using a lot lately. The community is really nice.
  • WebMSX. Browser based MSX emulator. Fun to play games on.
  • Freesound. I get lots of sounds for music making here.
  • Bandcamp. I spend too much money on music.
  • Wmpskinsarchive. Collection of skins for windows media player.

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