Friday Night Funkin is a rhythm game that freaking ROCKS!!!

It's become really popular recently and i can see why. The music is so so good, the art is really nice and reminds me of old 2000s cartoons, and the game kind of serves as a love letter to newgrounds. Honestly i'm very bad with the controls and i fail almost every song immediately but its still fun. Along with the main game, the modding community is incredibly creative with people putting their own and preexisting characters into the game. I've found so many talented musicians and artists through mods and skins that people make, amazing game with an amazing fanbase.

I don't really know what to say, other than i really like friday funkin and the nostalgic feeling it provides. I hope to see it grow and get really big. Also girlfriend is my favorite and i want to drink cherry dr pepper with her.

beautiful art of the friady night funking cast

girlfreidn drawn by me and boyfriend drawn by my friend. and somone on discord drew dream ball pico

Good mods

Whitty mod by sock.clip, kadedev, and nateanim8

The whitty mod is the first mod i discovered, the art is really nice and the music is great as well, especially since it was all made in garage band. One of the first mods to be made and one of the best at that.

Watch it here! download not avaliable anymore :(


FNF HD acts as FNF but with more features like dialogue, mapping with some special notes (like in the pico week) plus great redrawn sprites! Theres even going to be a sonic week coming out soon! An all around fun mod adding more content to the fnf experience.