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So… *hides my face in my paws and pulls out a long scroll that rolls down across the floor* ever since i first watched my friend play super danganronpa 2 over discord, Teruteru Hanamura has been my favorite from the game and over time generally my favorite fictional character. He is very special to me..

I feel silly about liking him mostly because he really didn’t have much screen time in the game and the bit he DID have was pretty annoying to be honest. Basically, in the game he's the token anime pervert that a lot of media has for some reason. (even though it's never a funny gimmick.) I wouldn’t like him if that's all he was though. That aspect of his character is just a ruse anyway, he pretends like he's from a big city and his family ran some fancy famous restaurant when in reality, his family is poor and their diner is just a run down family owned business in a small town, implied to be in the countryside. (wherever regions that would be located in japan, i dunno.)

In the first trial of the game, he killed one of the other students (ultimate imposter) and got executed for it. But right after he’s properly found out, he gets really pissed off and starts talking in his regular accent. It’s funny when it happens at first but near the end of the trial, it feels a bit sad. Right before he gets executed there's a short cutscene of him and his mom right before he leaves for hope's peak. His mom has some kind of illness, which was the main reason he was driven to attempt a murder in the first place. After learning that their memories were erased, he felt he needed to get off the island to make sure his mom was okay. He originally said it was because Nagito was threatening to kill someone, and although that was half of his motive, he admits that the other half was that he saw it as an opportunity to go back home. It’s upsetting to me that Monokuma didn’t keep his word about the memory motive and didn’t say what happened to his mom or the diner. A lot of people theorize that when he turned into a remnant of despair, he cooked and ate his mom. Which is sad to think about but probably true. There are also some other interpretations I think are interesting..

He’s also just a nice person. I feel like with him, 50% of the time the people writing him want to treat him as a joke and the other 50% of the time, the people actually want to actually give him a shot at being a proper character. In both the game and in other official appearances, (i'm thinking manga and drS specifically) he’s shown to be kindhearted and a bit sensitive at times, caring for his fellow students deeply when they’re in trouble or sick. He also gets upset that he can’t do some things on his own, or meet his high standards for himself, hence lying to everyone about where he came from and saying his family's diner is famous.

Obviously since he isn't a very popular character or given that much screen time, I have to rely on my own and others’ imaginations on some interpretations of him. I like to think that around his family and after you get to know him better, he tones down on the perverted stuff and is more genuine, not lying about where he’s from and talks normally in his accent. Also.. from my findings, Teruteru isnt really a name people use for people in Japan. But Teru teru bozu is something that exists there, so i imagine his mom named him after those. They are weather charms that Japanese children often make, so it's cute to think that his mom liked them a lot so she named her son after them :)

anyways he's so cool.... If you are ever in the position where you are trying to find me a gift, just make me something related to him, he's my absolute favorite character ever!!