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Commissions are currently: CLOSED

Currently only doing Digital commissions. No traditional at the moment but likely in the future.

Payment details & guidelines:

Full payment will be done before, not after.

Revisions at the end are no problem but if it's something that will take me a long while, thats a fee of $2.

If you are going to use artwork for commercial reasons (selling stickers, shirts, album art, etc.) let me know beforehand so we can adjust a price + credits accordingly.

If something comes up for me and I have to cancel, you'll get a full refund. If you have to cancel, you'll also get a full refund unless I am past the lineart stage, in which you'll be refunded for what I haven't gotten to.

If you have a deadline, please make sure to have that clear so I'll be sure to meet it.

To all those with hearts and morals, DO NOT USE MY ART IN ANYTHING AI RELATED.


  • Furry characters
  • SOME Mecha (depends on complexity)
  • Dark topics to an extent (ask me about specifics)
  • Light gore (will also have to ask about this)


  • NSFW (includes SFW Fetish work)
  • Any kind of depiction of bigotry towards ANY group
  • Real people
  • Overly complex designs. I'd rather not draw anything more detailed then a genshin impact character. (i'll just tell you if something is too much for me to draw)

Basic price guide!
Size Just Lineart Flat color (includes minimal shading if requested) Fully shaded
Square Icon examples $5 $10 $15
Bust $10 $15 $20
Halfbody $15 $20 $25
Fullbody $20 $25 $30

backgrounds that are more than a color/pattern are $5

Price may fluxuate depending on pose, background complexity, all that. But it will generally be around these ranges.

I have three main 'styles' of linework and coloring that you can choose. If you don't mention a specific one, I'll do whichever. this has no effect on price.

Examples of square icons

If you want something very complicated and specific, lots of references and details on what you want would be good.

Keep in mind when commissioning, I am currently in school as well as dealing with multiple health issues so it may take some time to get back to you and to finish the art. Please be patient, thank you kindly.

If interested and/or have any questions, email me at parkaction@protonmail.com. Feel free to dm on discord if you already have me on there.