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as music moves from physical releases to mainly digital streaming, cds become more obselete, which means more people are getting rid of theirs. i still really like cds and i like to go thrifting for them in second hand stores. its a good way to find old obscure music, plus its just another cool way to listen to it. CDs are also a good way to support independent artists, making money as a musician is hell these days. heres my current collection! most as i said are from thrift stores but some i just bought from record stores or online.

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Sir Kutz - Drum N Breakz

Genre: Breakbeat

Year: 2005

When I saw the name of this in the cd pile, i knew this would be something i'd like and immediantly grabbed it. i didn't expect i'd ever see any kind of dnb or breakbeat stuff at a thrift store considering most cds there are classical or rock. plenty of good picks in this. the cd booklet reads 'It has been two years since my last mix "Sickness Inside". Since then I've been collecting a sub-genre of nuskool breaks I like to call "Drum n Breakz". People argue that it's just nuskool breakbeats, but these beats have an undeniable dnb influence i.e. the samples, twisted bass lines, and the production of the drum loops. All of the tracks on this cd are what I feel to be the essence of this sound.' You can really hear the dnb infulence in all these tracks, hes totally right. a great mix overall. you can listen to this here. there isnt currently a way to get the CD that i know of.

U.S.E - United State Of Electronica

Genre: Electronica/Electronic Rock

Year: 2004

I'm not familar with electronica so the cover gave me the assumption that this was edm or some kind of basic club but i was wrong. Not the biggest fan of how the effects and mixxing of the vocals but the instrumentals makes up for it. And the vocals sound pretty good on the first track, it just gets a little overbearing after a while. IT IS ON!! is the best song in this 100%. all the tracks are real groovy though, pretty good album even if it sometimes sounds like stereotypical hippy music. you can listen to this here and it seems like there are a few sales for the CD on eBay so you could probably buy it there if you want.

Mean Old Elephant - Mean Old Elephant

Genre: Alternative/Indie

Year: 1988

i found this at a salvation army. this one caught my interest since it was one of the only cds without a front cover. even more interestingly. when looking it up, i couldnt find a single trace of it anywhere besides a mention of the band members being a part of it before opening a studio, Pachyderm Studio to be exact. (it didn't even mention this album, just the band.) it barely had any info on the back besides the people who worked on it. Seeing as it was basically lost media, my archiving-centered brain NEEEEEDED to get this. everything on the album was going to be a total surprise, as i had no idea what to expect from it other than looking at some of the band members' past works. (That is if they even come up with a search!) Actually, one of the members, Mark Walk, is a part of an industrial band called Skinny Puppy. The album itself is really good. I expected it to be expirimental or industrial because of Mark Walk's work but it was alternative. My favorite track from it is New Love song. Overall a really sweet album, i can't believe its so hard to find. Who would wanna throw this away? The singer's voice reminds me of Jack Stauber and David Bowie. I speculate this album might have not been professionally released or sold and might have been sold locally or given to a few people. The label being upside down and the lack of front cover makes me think that. I could be wrong though, its just a thought. I ripped the audio and you can listen to it here. there isnt currently a way to get the CD that i know of.


The Doopees - Doopee Time

Genre: Expirimental, alternative

Year: 1995

I had liked this album before ordering the CD, it was randomly reccomended to me on youtube and i adored it. It was really beyond what I expected from it. It features so many different styles, sounds and samples to tell its story about the two main characters Suzie and Caroline enjoying the world around them. Such a raw album full of emotion and love. Super happy to own this amazing album physically!! it sounds so much more fresh on CD then the youtube version as well :)) The vocals are really brought out more. Various sites are selling this CD for around 10-30 dollars. I totally reccomend this album, its just amazing I can't even put it into words.

Homemade CDS

i have an addiction to wasting paper

Best Of Goreshit

Fanmade mixtape of my favorite tracks from goreshit. Made of paper, glue, and love. Runtime is 79 minutes.


Loli Fantasy, stoneystoneystonestones, am i loli enough, still all scared of ouija boards, anatidae pervert attack, yume suspicion, pirupi, hey gabberena! (hardcore simpleton mix), preteen pregnancy, winkles twinkle 11', 5th grade, a flat chest is fine too, im in love with my twin sister (a highter love), take you, Goretrance 1, pon.

The Showstoppers - The Showstoppers II

First CD i made a case for. I'm sad some of the glitches got cut out but its no biggie.

coming soon:

  • goreshit - propa bo!
  • System Of A Down - Toxicity
  • Gorillaz - Gorillaz
  • Gorillaz - Humanz
  • Nathan Avakin - Synthesis
  • wishlist:

  • Soichi Terada - Sumo Jungle
  • Jack Stauber - Pop Food
  • Alien 9 OST