It is currently 3/22/24. I've been better.

But recently I have gained a strong interest in Hideo Azuma and his work. I had his autobiography manga on my read list for a good while and I read it finally recently and felt incredibly connected to it. It spoke to me and was able to visualize how depression feels in a way that I can't but I've been trying to. It was good!! I did more research on the author and I really didn't realize how big of an impact he had on manga, specifically bishoujo. His art is so stylized and awesome and I love his comics he's just ahh........... I definetely have a parasocial relationship with him right now.

But it's been fun consuming his work and it's been inspiring me to create more comics too. I'll make a page on him soon. I also added the art and commission pages today! I am unsure when I'll open commissions but sometime within next month possibly is the plan. Will update. Here's an OP to one of Hideo Azuma's animes that is cute! Hope everyone is doing well and better than I.

It is currently 1/31/24. This is going to be more of a personal entry.

I cannot lie, I have been in a deep depression lately. So I try to focus on school to feel better for my lack of creativity and motivation. I am going to be opening commissions soon, as I have finished terms and such for it. Whenever I am confident that I can keep up with that kind of thing, i'll open them. Currently I've only been able to doodle on paper and work on stuff thats already mostly done.

The things that have kept me going is books, TV, and bad horror. I've been watching lots of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Osomatsu Kun. Both really fun shows. Of course my friends are there for me too, but I don't feel very fufilled hanging out with others currently. I hope this depression passes and also hope that everyone is doing better then I. Here's a song I like that is good to dance to.

It is currently 1/4/24. Happy new year! Here are some small personal updates. Recently I have been working on making a lot of art and such for comission examples, as I feel I don't have enough finished work to open them just yet. But I'm getting there! Just two more pieces for me to finish... or three..

I have also been watching a lot of TV, which I don't usually do. I have been watching Osomatsu-Kun, Aqua Teen Hunger force, and Chowder. All cartoons that I like. I also watched the movie Midsommar today and WOW. That's a movie for sure. I don't have anything interesting to say about it but It is INSANE. Insanely good as well!!

I am trying to organize this site a little better, specifically the visual media page as I feel it's messy and a little outdated right now. Hopefully I can get some essays up on there soon as well. I have been working on my Skinamarink page for a while but my perfectionism is slowing me down a bit. I have been playing a lot of Identity V too, that and Touhou are the only games I ever feel like playing anymore. But yeah, that's most of the stuff I've been doing. Commission info should be up somewhere soon. Thanks for keeping up with me :^)

It is currently 11/4/2023. Yay! I am almost done with the new site look and also a bunch of new pages I have been working on! I am very excited to properly make everything public :) although I am struggling with the aesthetics side of things.. I wanted to make my site more easily navigatable and easier to look at, which I believe is working so far. I am getting better with CSS with help from a friend who is better at it, so hopefully the site will be more mobile compatible as well soon.

Things I need to finish up next:

  • Page for my own music
  • Page for my own art
  • Bookmarks page
  • Skinamarink deep dive
  • Monchhichi + toy, doll, and figure collection page

It is currently 10/28/23. I need to get better at dating things. My new layout is almost done!! im just making a few more pages and changing some things around before everything goes live. This blog isnt even live yet. I'm happy with how things are, I just want to figure out how to make the site look nicer on mobile. But with how I have layed things out, I believe I can do this pretty simply if I try. But that's not for today. Its almost 2am, I don't have the energy to do that right now. Maybe next weekend?

Hm.. I know this is called a 'blog' but I truthfully wouldn't call it that. It's more of... me giving into my compulsions of listing and writing down everything I will do for this site so my brain doesn't kill me over it and so I remember better. So... a to-do page i guess? With little updates on what I'm working on. My old update log sometimes got long with it's writing and I want it to be more simple so I'll be having all my long updates be here and such. :]

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