digital / traditional

meelwork rated 15+

I have been drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil! I'd consider my art to be internet bred, as warrior cat animations, anime clips, and undertale fanart were my main inspiration and what made me want to take art seriously.

I specialize in humanoid character art, furry characters, and fashion. But I would like to improve in backgrounds and mechanical parts.

Striving for a mix between a cartoony and 70s anime style, but lately my style has been leaning more towards 2000s anime, which I have been trying to balance out. But either way, making art is very important to me. Another aspect of my art that I try to keep consistent (specifically regarding digital art) is the use of simple brushes and techniques, so I feel at home using any program. A basic pixel brush, air brush, and pencil brush are all I really need. Hover your mouse over an image to see it's description.

all fanart is free to use as a pfp/background/whatever. original and other people's characters are not.