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I'm feeling content :)

hi i am meel :] i've been teaching myself html since 2020! somehow, i still suck at it. i spend most of my time creating different kinds of things, mostly artwork.

honestly, i dont really know much about myself. and im not good at explaining either. but i know the basics. i consider myself a bit of an ambivert. i love being around people but i get burnt out easily. i try to stay openminded and self aware in most aspects, as understanding others and their feelings is important and key to a good relationship. but often i dont do a good job of that and can be rude, I'm working on it. i also consider myself a bit airheaded in every sense of the word, i'm not smart at all. but i try.

i'm a huge animal nerd, specifically about insects, birds, and sea life. my favorites are cicadas, millipedes, nautliuses, (nautili??) and crabs. someday i'd like to keep chickens and pigeons. I'm unsure if i'll ever make a page about animals, but they're something that's very important to me so might as well mention it lol.

this whole website is basically an overstylized 'about me,' so simply looking around will tell you all you need to know about me.

I love you Max, Audris, Finn, Death Yam, Cat, Eden, Selviam, Aggy, Suni, Myr, Lukas!!


  • collecting
  • cute animals (all animals)
  • boba smoothies/tea
  • the rain
  • dislikes

  • overly sweet food
  • hot weather
  • arguments
  • earbuds