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I'm feeling content :)

hi i am meel :] i've been teaching myself html for two years! somehow, i still suck at it. i spend most of my time creating different kinds of things, whether it be art, music, or html pages here. i have lots and lots of interests that im very dedicated to and passionate for that. i get attached to things easily, what can i say? (most things that i like can be found on the various other pages here, so go look around!)

what kind of person am i?

good question! well, i consider myself a bit of an ambivert. i love being around people but i get burnt out easily. i try to stay openminded and self aware in most aspects, as understanding others and their feelings is important and key to a good relationship. but sometimes i dont do a good job of that and can be a bit rude, I'm working on it. i also consider myself a bit airheaded in every sense of the word, i'm not smart at all haha. but i don't let it get me down.

i feel that i might be hard to get along with for some people, or at least hard to like cus im a really vocal person. i talk a lot and im loud, especially about my opinions. im a bit annoying. But I promise i don't intend to be! (unless i dont like you)

honestly, i dont really know much about myself. and im not good at explaining myself either. Hmm... when you picture me, you should picture me as your neighbor's emotionally underdeveloped 12 year old kid who has a weird stare and talks too much.

this whole website is basically an overstylized 'about me,' so seriously, just go explore around if you want to know more about me as a person.

I love you, Max, Death Yam, Cat, Eden, Selviam, Heart, Audris, Finn

proudly spending my time with aggy since 9/04/20


  • collecting
  • cute animals (all animals)
  • my friends
  • boba smoothies/tea
  • the rain
  • overuse of the amen break
  • dislikes

  • overly sweet food
  • hot weather
  • boring and/or heartless content
  • arguments
  • earbuds