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hi i am meel :] i've been teaching myself html for two years! somehow, i still suck at it. i spend most of my time creating, whether it be art, music, or html here. i have lots and lots of interests that im very dedicated to and passionate for that. i get attached to things easily, what can i say? (most things that i like can be found on the various other pages here, so go look around!)

what kind of person am i?

good question! well, im an ambivert, i like being around people but i get burnt out easily, and im kind of shy anyway. i try to stay openminded and self aware in most aspects, as understanding others and their feelings is important and key to a good relationship.

the majority of my time is spent drawing or playing video games with my friends. my favorite game to play with them right now is identity V. i put strong pressure on myself to improve at my hobbies, to a point where its a little unhealthy (seriously my sleep schedule is terrible because of it) sometimes i feel the way i talk online is flat but i hope my personality comes through on this website a little bit.

I notice a lot of people on neocities and people who run old fashioned websites generally have a hate for all things modern like social media and new technology, which isnt a bad thing at all and I personally don't have very positive opinions on those things either, but i find it annoying when people constantly complain about them. being willfully stuck in the past is no less idiotic then being obsessed with the predatory present. i believe if youre going to make a neocities or participate in any kind of 'old fashioned' thing like that, it should be out of a love for the craft, not out of a hate for the other. to sum it up, both nostalgics and hyper-consumers annoy the hell out of me.

errrmmm anyways i think am friendly i promise i won't bite please stick your fingers inbetween the bars of my enclosure

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    'The Otaku seems to be a kind of very pure expression of hunger for information, even if the information is essentially meaningless.'